Coding a Brand New Frame Work For The Game

Brand New Frame Work For The Game


Code Monkey’s Coffee

Our code monkey(ahem that is me) is busy coding a brand new frame work for the game. New design ideas needs to be merged with the current frame work etc. So it will take a while before any news about the game Dryadalum Mundi pops up. But it is on its way!

In meantime Coffee and food are prepared for me 🙂



Code Monkey’s Breakfast




Upgrading to Windows 10 Professional

Upgrading to Windows 10 Professional

Some time ago Noble Games Production decided to upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate/Windows 8.1 Pro(Desktop/Laptop) to Windows 10 Professional. I turned out to be a wise decision. The laptop was first tested and it turned out the drivers for the wireless network card did not work well the first time(the second time it worked though).

After a while the desktop was tested out and it went so well that the laptop got another chance. So what is so great about Windows 10 compared to Window 7/8?

  • Cortana your little smart assistant is a big plus. You type what you want like in Win 8 but you do it in the taskbar. It even remember your typing etc. So in some sense you have a basic AI bot helping you out searching. For some the privacy can be an issue but it can be turned off for those who find it uncomfortable. It works very much like with Google Search engine’s suggestions as you type. You can even speak to Cortana through the microphone, but that has not been utilized around here 🙂
  • You keep the start menu from both Win 7 and Win 8 or decide it yourself.
  • You have Win Store within reach in the task-bar all the time.
  • Apps from like Twitter can be installed and then you have instant messages from Twitter in you task-bar as well.
  • Now all languages are supported in any Windows 10 version and not like in Windows 7 where only some versions would support menu language changes.

What else is great about Windows 10?

  • It is free to upgrade within the first year for Windows 7 and 8 users.
  • It has DirectX 12.
  • It still supports the majority of your DX 9 programs and games(thank God for that)
  • Runs most Windows 7/8 software well as it comes with the compatibility functions
  • More than 200 million users already use it worldwide.
  • It is damn stable.
  • Mundi 3D works well on it!

Noble Games Production loves Windows 10 Professional and Microsoft. Upgrading was a good choice.


A small step for me and a big step for… eh something I guess…